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E-Prog Dynamix's Vision is to be the leader in providing SAP Services, SAP Resources, and ICT services in contracting, projects and outsourcing to a targeted base of established and emerging corporations. More»

E-Prog Dynamix's Vision is to be the leader in providing SAP Services, SAP Resources, and ICT services in contracting, projects and outsourcing to a targeted base of established and emerging corporations. More»

E-Prog Dynamix's Vision is to be the leader in providing SAP Services, SAP Resources, and ICT services in contracting, projects and outsourcing to a targeted base of established and emerging corporations. More»

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We conduct different methodological approaches to research without prejudgment and strive to conduct balanced analyses. We specialize in best-practices Marketing Research for your most critical Strategic Marketing decisions. Meaningful positive differentiation starts with a competitively advantaged understanding of market forces, your growth opportunities and your current, former and potential customers.

 E-Prog Dynamix focuses on being the best at recommending, designing and deploying the optimal marketing research capabilities for your unique situation and applying the results as the foundation of a soundly engineered strategic marketing process.E-Prog generates market research on products and issues and develops market strategies for both public and private sectors. The company's clients range from nonprofit businesses to government agencies

Survey research

E-Prog’s research unit provides comprehensive survey research services for mail, telephone, and in-person data collection. We have the in-house capabilities to perform all aspects of survey research including questionnaire design, sampling, data collection, data processing, data, and reporting. We also have experience in a variety of survey environments, including many hard-to-reach respondent groups.  E-Prog uses a variety of data sources and has a sizable staff of experienced interviewers. 

Data Collection and Experience

E-Prog uses telephone, mail, and in-person data collection techniques to collect survey research data.

  • Telephone – Telephone surveys conducted with a broad variety of business and consumer respondents, as well as citizens and community leaders. Using a Computer-Aided Telephone Interviewing (CATI) system, telephone surveys can be local, regional, national and international.
  •  Station CATI System – E-Prog has a CATI station available for quick turn-around and efficient productivity during surveying process.  CATI system allows for easy conversion of data to analysis software.
  •  Mail Surveys - Using a variety of tactics devised has increased response rates on mail surveys. They include the use of interesting incentives, good follow-through techniques, and the effective use of faxes.
  • Web Based
  • In-Person Interviews – Experience with one-on-one, in-depth interviewing, intercept interviewing or screening at retail establishments, exhibits, fast-food restaurants, etc., and door-to-door interviewing.

Data Analysis

E-Prog as a full service market research provider, can offer top-line marginals daily.  At the end of data collection, the data is available in SPSS format, Excel, or Access for easily manipulation.  We have in-house capability to create presentation tables and cross-tabs.

  • SPSS format readily available for creation of presentation tables, graphs and charts.
  • An experienced research team readily available to analyze the data, changing it to easily understandable presentation tables, charts, and graphs.
  • Full-service reports with tables or bullet-summary reports created by the research analysts.
  •  Data provided in a variety of formats such as SPSS, Excel, or Access.  Other formats may be available.

Survey Research Study Types

  • Customer Satisfaction Studies - Clients range from banking, medical providers and health insurance to food equipment companies and information companies.
  • Baseline Studies – We survey for providers of products and services to both business and consumers.
  • In-House Surveys - Studies include employee satisfaction, compensation and benefits, and employee exit interviews.
  • Public Opinion Polls - Studies include both critical issues and political campaigns.
  • Health Care Studies
  • Agribusiness
  • Awareness and Image Studies - Clients range from department stores and automobile dealers to hospitals and manufacturing companies.
  • Market Surveys - Broad experience in consumer and business-to-business surveys, as well as market surveys for several government and non-profit organizations.
  • Intercept and Door-to-Door Interviewing – Our interviewers bring a unique background, enthusiasm, and success to this form of data collection.

Focus Group Research

E-Prog offers the most sophisticated focus group facility in the country.  With experienced professionals and state-of-the-art facility, it is a solid combination that delivers what our clients expect: on-target solutions, on-time and on-budget.  Focus group research provides the competitive edge needed to succeed.  The information professionals at E-Prog have advanced the art and science of focus group research beyond any facility in the nation.  By providing results which enhance efficient decision making, we insure a wise investment of our clients' research budget. 
We recognize that only qualified participants will generate the valuable feedback vita for valid results.


  • Recruit only specifically qualified participants according to screening criteria
  • Incorporate demographic research to provide a competitive advantage for recruiting participants
  • Offer convenient setting that encourages participant attendance
  •  Recruit the appropriate number of participants to ensure a well-balanced group

Planning Stages

  • Match expertise to client's needs. 
  • Provide frequent consultations and updates
  • Insure that study objectives are met.


  • Moderating staff is composed of highly skilled professionals with extensive formal training and experience. 
  • Moderating staff works closely with clients to create discussion guides that draw out responses to answer the study objectives.
  • Moderators available that are experienced in all aspects of market research
  • Moderators guides the group discussions insuring that valuable information if obtained.
  • Staff of moderators provide an Executive Summary Report in a timely fashion

Program Evaluations

E-Prog uses a variety of tools for program evaluations and economic development and analysis studies. E-Prog has a unique combination of talents because it combines the statistical analysis capabilities that are the fundamental elements of control group-based program evaluations or economic impact studies with private sector expertise in surveys and focus groups, to provide a unique approach to these projects the include

  • Education
  • Health
  • Housing
  • Public Policy