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E-Prog Dynamix's Vision is to be the leader in providing SAP Services, SAP Resources, and ICT services in contracting, projects and outsourcing to a targeted base of established and emerging corporations. More»

E-Prog Dynamix's Vision is to be the leader in providing SAP Services, SAP Resources, and ICT services in contracting, projects and outsourcing to a targeted base of established and emerging corporations. More»

E-Prog Dynamix's Vision is to be the leader in providing SAP Services, SAP Resources, and ICT services in contracting, projects and outsourcing to a targeted base of established and emerging corporations. More»

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E-Prog Dynamix (Pty) Ltd is an expert in SAP-ERP consulting and would like to do business with all companies, small, medium and Large corporate offering Business Application consulting services, Business intelligence consulting, Enterprise Integration consulting and other ICT services.   In the process of delivering service to our clients E- Prog Dynamix has ventured into SAP consulting services concentrating on the following areas:

SAP Implementations

E-Prog Dynamix boasts a senior team of Technical, functional consultants and  architects with extensive experience in SAP Implantations and Project/Programme  Management.

E-Prog Dynamix  looks into the whole of processes that defines a complete method to implement SAP software in an organization. The SAP implementation method followed by E-Prog Dynamic is an adopted  generic method which can be changed here and there to suit specific organizations. It is based on best practices and case and presents a collection of processes and products that make up a complete implementation method to allow any organization to plan and execute the implementation of SAP (ERP) software.

The SAP implementation process is made up out of four main phases, i.e. the project preparation where a vision of the future-state of the SAP solution is being created, a sizing and blueprinting phase where the solution stack is created and training is being performed, a functional development phase and finally a final preparation phase, when the last tests are being performed before the system goes live.

E- Prog Dynamix has got very competent staff to look and drive  all the project phases mentioned above.  It has also entered into partnership with other companies which then makes them wholesome in service delivery.

SAP ERP Support

To successfully develop and implement an IT strategy, organizations usually outline methods for realizing three critical objectives; managing complexity, mitigating risks, and controlling costs.

Companies can spend hundreds of thousands, and even millions of dollars implementing SAP, and yet, once they are live, they cut budgetary funds for supporting their post go live environment. Months, and even years after the go-live, companies are struggling from a support perspective because there is no support budget or properly plan for life after live.

 E-Prog Dynamix is capable of taking you through your support phase in a way that the organization will fully realize the full benefits of Sap Implementations.  It is available to portray to you the effects of not allocating a support budget which have typical effects  that are disastrous to the organization, and are felt from both an organizational and user perspective. These  among others include:

  • No Competency Center or support strategy formed
  • Running the system with antiquated or sub-standard processes
  • Diminished buy in from the user community of the solution
  • User frustration, bitterness and feelings of abandonment
  • Delay in business benefit realization

SAP Support is important because it is the missing link for long term SAP success. When the Support Team is strategically focused and aligned with business objectives, chances for long term success drastically improve. Overall, SAP support is the foundation for driving functionality enhancements and SAP knowledge to the user community. No matter what your current situation is, it is never too late to take the necessary steps to optimize SAP and surrounding business processes, boost user satisfaction, and improve overall business results.

Our consultants can assist you in deploying a full, post go live support  that allows you to adapt to the changing market and business requirements, taking advantage of the new innovations that can make your business more successful by reducing the total cost of operating your IT infrastructure and accelerating and maximizing the return on your SAP investment.

E-Prog Dynamix is your right partner in implementing your SAP Support strategy

SAP Upgrade

Increasing competition, globalization, and regulations are driving organizations to look for ways to improve their business performance.

Upgrade to SAP ERP can enable you to improve business processes, better leverage existing IT assets, and boost productivity and profitability. Upgrade to SAP ERP services can help you manage a cost-effective, low-risk upgrade project, optimize returns on your IT investments, and achieve a smooth transition to a new solution environment.

E-Dynamix helps your organization with SAP ERP Upgrade which among other things help you to addresses the following business challenges:

  • Optimize your value proposition
  • Define the cost and effort of an upgrade project
  • Understand the impact of an upgrade on your system landscape
  • Enhance internal skills and knowledge

Optmise your Business processes by considering SAP upgrade and we are there to guide you take that route.

SAP Training

E- Prog Dynamix is there to support you to build a culture of continuous blended learning – and realize a measurable return on education. We can help you design and implement learning strategies covering the entire corporate education value chain.  While it is imperative to receive proper SAP training, E- Prog Dynamix can also assist with offering non certification training by arranging in-house training customized to suite your business requirements.  By opting to consider E-Prime as your support option we can also facilitate training for new employees, refresher courses for both general staff and management.

SAP Auditing

E-Prog Dynamix focuses on specialized skills recruitment for SAP Technical, functional consultants and various SAP Management positions.  Click on the job and apply for this position

Technical Consultants

  • SAP Portal Developers
  • SAP BASIS Consultants
  • SAP ABAP Consultants
  • SAP Authorizations Consultants

SAP Functional Consultants

  • SAP FI (Finance) Consultants
  • SAP CO (Controlling) Consultants
  • SAP MM (Materials Management) Consultants
  • SAP SD (Sales and Distribution) Consultants
  • SAP PS (Project Systems) Consultants
  • SAP HR (Human Resource) Consultants
  • SAP PY (Payroll) Consultants
  • SAP PA (Personnel Administration) Consultants
  • SAP TM (Time Management) Consultants
  • SAP OM (Organisational Management) Consultants
  • SAP PD (Personnel Development) Consultants
  • SAP PCP/ COMP (Personnel Cost Planning and Compensation Management)
  • Consultants

SAP Project/Programme Management Positions

  • SAP Project Administrators
  • SAP Project Managers
  • SAP Project Managers
  • SAP Integration Managers
  • Shared Services Specialist Consultant

SAP Security Consultants

  • SAP Auditors
  • SAP GRC Consultants
  • SAP Auhtorizations Consultants
  • SAP Workflow Consultants

Recruitment for Other ICT Personnel

  • Systems Engineers
  • Computer Programmers
  • Hardware and Network Technicians
  • Business Analysts
  • Systems Analysts
  • Systems Administrators
  • Database Admonistarators
  • Data Capturers

Other ICT Services

E-Prog Dynamix also provides other general ICT services as mentioned below

  • Business/Process Analysis
  • Application architecture
  • System Analysis & Design
  • Project Management
  • Business/Process Analysis
  • Domain & Product-certified Resources